The achievements of The University of Manila had always and always will be at par with the high educational standards of global performance. This is true with our commitment in imparting to the future generations love of country, love of science and love of virtue. At present, The University of Manila is a year beyond its Centennial Anniversary, and, as such, we are still continuing with the advocacy of or ancestors’ legacy. One of the many ways in which this is proven is that this prestigious institution has been garnering consistently government licensure examination accolades in the academic community. Below are the evidences that will support the continuing national outstanding performance of The University of Manila in the government examinations.

The University of Manila is one of the top- performing schools in the country and has been consistently in this prestigious category since 2006. As per the latest tabulation in the Criminology Licensure Examination last October, 2014, The University of Manila garnered the 7th place in this category with the total passing percentage of 91.67% as compared to the national passing percentage of 43% for the first- takers.

For the year 2009 (September), this University garnered 2nd place in the said examination (with 50- 99 examinees), having 84% of examinees passed.

1st Place (with 20- 49 examinees) in the August 2008 Criminology Licensure Examination, having 88% of its examinees passed.

1st Place (with 20- 49 examinees) in March 2008, having 71% of its examinees passed.


Bachelor of Science in Criminology

Date of Examination Topnotchers First Timer Passing Percentage National Passing Percentage
October, 2014 91.67% 43%
October, 2013 (4) Jonathan R. Binarao 88.89% 45.3%
March, 2012 96.77% 32.58%
October, 2011 92.59% 43.77%
April, 2011 (1) Henry J. Gubalane(4) Robert Jayson M. Gatchalian 78.95% 21.58%


As for the other courses, i.e. like

Bachelor of Elementary Education

Date of Examination First Timer Passing  Percentage National Passing Percentage
January, 2014 87.50% 28.96%
September, 2013 83.33% 31.18%
March, 2012 80% 42.46%
September, 2011 25% 22.68%



Bachelor of Secondary Education

Date of Examination First Timer Passing Percentage National PassingPercentage 
January, 2014 86.36% 28.41%
March, 2013 87.50% 39.61%
September, 2013 54.17% 39.75%
March, 2012 57.89% 24.58%
September, 2011 41.67% 31.45%


Bachelor of Science in Accountancy

Date of Examination First Timer      Passing            Percentage National     Percentage
October, 2013 100% 41%
May, 2012 83.33 37.54%
October, 2011 58.70% 47.7%


It is important to note that the ongoing success and prestige of The University of Manila will never be accomplished without the sincere devotion and untiring efforts of the President of The University of Manila, Dr. Emily Dodson de Leon. Her commitment in helping the less- privileged for attaining academic excellence in this institution has already materialized and will continue to do so even in the next generation, with the help of God.

(This article was published on December 23, 2014 in Philippine Daily Inquirer and Philippine Star.)