Research Projects and Publications


The University of Manila has created an institutionalized research system by involving all the members of the community without exception. Further, each department (academic or non-academic) should submit a study or studies on any aspects involved in their field of studies or work.

The following are the current publications of the Center:

  • The Research Journal of Education and Liberal Arts
  • The Research Journal of Foreign Service and Hotel and Restaurant Management
  • The Research Journal of College of Criminology
  • The Research Journal of College of Computer Science and Engineering
  • The Business Logbook- the Research Journal of Accountancy and Business Administration
  • The Law Gazette-The Research Journal of the College of Law


The University has an on-going program in the nurturance of research culture among its faculty and students by means of research capability building, research paper presentation as part of the agenda of general meetings and other research forums.  Research programs are included in the strategic and institutional development plan of the University. The focus on research is strengthened by the creation of the research Agenda and Research Program.

At present, continuing the legacy of the founders of the University in line with the research policies of the institution and National Higher Education Research Agenda (NHERA) of CHED, the new set of top-level administrators revitalizes the research function of the University  The administrators, faculty members, and students are not only involved in enhancing the research productivity of the academic community; but also, has the advocacy to participate in international forums where the University, through its research, shares her knowledge and expertise in the development of innovations in the field of education and business.

The University has become an active participant in international conferences on research held in other Asian countries held by ASAIHIL in Bangkok, Thailand, International University of Cambodia, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, Universiti Teknologi Mara Malaysia in collaboration with University of Wollongong, Australia and Department of Tourism, Malaysia, Dhurakij Pundit University Phuket, Thailand and many others.

Recently, The University of Manila attended an international conference on April 30-May 3, 2013 at Surabaya, Indonesia sponsored by ASAIHIL and UNIVESITAS AIRLANGGA to present a research paper.  In this conference there are more than 250 delegates who attended.  The delegates are from the United States of America, Australia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, China, Philippines, India, Sri-Lanka, and Japan. The title of the research paper presented by the University of Manila is: “Quality Improvement of Educational Institutions through Collaboration Enablement and Process Reengineering.” The paper presenters were Prof. Esther R. De Leon and Dr. Lourdes D. Sabile.

The BIG EDUKCIRCLE held a conference where the participants presented research papers on topics related to behavior of students and education management.  The title of the conference is: International Convention on Behavior and Management in Education on January 26, 2013, Film Institute, University of the Philippines, Dilliman, Quezon City. In this conference, the University of Manila sent 4 participants.  Dr. Lourdes D. Sabile was one of the panel reactors in one of the paper presentation of one of the resource speakers—Dr. Maureen Frances Neihart of Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

The title of her research paper is: Psychology of High Educational Performance.  Dr. Sabile asked the best practices that can be used so that the students will be able to achieve high academic performance.  The response of Dr. Neihart was that the teachers should have the competence and the acumen in identifying the capacities of the students in understanding and absorbing the lessons: in addition, collaborative and participatory styles of teaching should be regularly used in the teaching-learning process.

Also, the University of Manila has active networking and linkages with different national associations in research like the PSERE, PAFTE, PAGE, ASAIHL, the DLSU CHED-Zonal Research Center and the University-Belt Consortium.