UM unveils its Centennial Logo

um logo1

In the light of the celebration of the Centennial Anniversary of the University of Manila, the Administration through the perseverance of Madam President, Dr. Emily de Leon and the Alumni Affairs Officials, the Centennial Logo was unveiled on June 27, 2013 at the Dr. Mariano V. de Los Santos Memorial Auditorium.


The Blaze of the Future is the official logo for the Centennial celebration of the University of Manila. This logo highlights, in an artistic fashion, the noble ideals, stability, integrity, and 100 years of existence of the University as a catalyst for excellent education and research.

Inspired by the contemporary challenges and perspectives of the global society, the University adopts the theme: moving beyond excellence in education and research, which rekindles the commitment of the University to uphold and exceed current and future educational and research standards.

From the letters UM emanate three dynamic rays which represent the future and triumvirate ideals of the university: Patria, Scientia et Virtus and are reminiscent of the wings of the Hawk, the University’s mascot which has always been associated with the Greek god “Ares”, connoting an unwavering stance toward the achievement of established goals.

The logo is suffused with colors green and gold. Green is life. It signifies growth, renewal, health, and environment. It is also a color of harmony and balance. It represents the University’s commitment to sustain, improve and expand high quality, relevant, transformative, interactive, and collaborative learning systems guided by responsible scholarship and education. Gold symbolizes brilliance, excellence and success. It embodies the University’s persistent pursuit of sustainable excellence.

Together, the colors green and gold reinforce the University’s vision of making the lives of others better, brighter, lighter, and more livable by making quality education accessible to all.