Scholarships and Grants


New Student

Valedictorians are granted free tuition fees for a period of one academic year (2 semesters). Salutatorians are granted free tuition fees for a period of one-half academic year (one semester). Both of which may be extended, provided that they meet the conditions set by the Scholarship Committee.

Term Scholarship

For College Student – One and one-half scholarship are granted every semester to students who obtain the two highest averages under the following conditions:


For Full Scholarship 1 to 1.5 (94-99)
For Partial Scholarship 1.51 to 1.75 (91 to 93)
Averages will be computed on the following bases:
Academic Average 50%
Social Consciousness and Extra Curricular Activities 25%
Character 25%


The academic rating will be based on the weighted average of at least 1.75 of the student’s grades, the minimum load depending upon the curriculum of each college for the semester immediately preceding the award.

The social consciousness and character ratings of the prospective scholars will be determined by the pooled appraisal of all faculty members under whom the students took the course during the term in question.

In case of a tie, the same will be broken by splitting the award. In case more than one student qualifies within the first bracket (1- 1.5) the first two highest will be entitled to the full and a half-semester scholarships, respectively.

The University, however, reserves the right to cancel all privileges granted to any holder of a scholarship in case the recipient fails to maintain the required proficiency in the University or live up to the accepted rules of good behavior.


Athletics Scholarship

This scholarship is particularly extended to basketball players, who are granted free tuition fees with allowance and free board and lodging accommodations.

Caritas Scholarship

Financially challenged but academically deserving students who are recommended by CARITAS are given 100% discounts on tuition fees provided they meet the conditions set by the Scholarship Committee.

Career Orientation Scholarship
Dr. Emily D. De Leon Scholarship Grant

Offered to financially-challenged but academically deserving students, who graduated from the current year and a graduate of Manila public schools, with an average grade of 85% and above, and should be able to maintain an average as provided by the Scholarship Committee.

Scholarship for Faculty Members Taking up their Graduate and Post Graduate Studies

Faculty members who are undertaking their graduate and/or postgraduate studies are given 100 % free tuition fees.

Madame Emiko Yamamoto Scholarship Grant

A full scholarship grant given to students with very high grades and should be able to maintain a high average grade.

NSC – DECS Scholarship (SYDP, PESFA)

Grantees are sponsored by the National Scholarship Center of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports after qualifying for admission in the University.

Philippine Veterans Administration Grants

Grantees are sponsored by the Philippine Veteran Administration (PVA) after qualifying for admission in the University. A certification from PVA is required to be presented to the Admission and Accounting Offices.

Subsidy Law P.D. 451

This scholarship is granted by the University of Manila to deserving and qualified students in compliance with the ‘Subsidy Law’ or Presidential Decree 451.

University Band Members

Members of the University Band are granted free tuition fee with allowance and are exempted from P. E. and ROTC.

DISCOUNTS are also provided by the University of Manila to:

  • Faculty / Employees’ dependents – are granted 100% discounts from their tuition fees.
  • Three or more brothers and /or sisters enrolled in the University of Manila granted discounts. One of them is given a 50% discount form the tuition fee and also the succeeding brother or sister.
  • A special discount of about 20% to 50% is given to students with special talents to be determined by the Scholarship Committee.
  • University Choir Members are given 30% discounts from their tuition fees.
  • Officers and Enlisted Men of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police are given 30% discount from their tuition fees.


The University of Manila gives cash incentives to graduate students who made it to top 10 of their respective government board examinations adding to it is a rebate of their Board Review Fee.