Barely four months when the harrowing and nerve jittering World War II ended on August 15, 1945, The University of Manila formally opened the College of Engineering in December of the same year. Although fighting was still going on in some parts of Northern Luzon, Gen. MacArthur announced on July 4, 1945 that “the entire Philippine Island is now liberated and the Philippine campaign can be regarded as virtually closed.” Those were the crucial years when the country was in the crossroads of indecision. All around was silence. The whole nation mourned. The Filipinos’ valiant spirit was the only engine which fueled their collective engines towards rehabilitation and rebuilding. The University of Manila, having this is mind placed itself in the forefront of nation building by training skilled citizens in the field of Engineering. The role of the technically trained men in a developing country like the Philippines is a major one, and in this stage of the nation’s industrialization efforts there is a great demand for them.

The College of Engineering offers degrees in Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.

General Objectives:

The University of Manila College of Computer Science/ Information Technology aims to produce technological and scientifically empowered professionals, informational technology/computer science experts whose breadth and depth of orientation, knowledge and training, are within global standards, who shall be committed to share their expertise with the various sectors of the academic community and the community at large, ever motivated to share their concepts, their technological skills, their persons to everyone embedded in the UM trilogy of ideals: Love of Country (Patria), Love of Science (Scientia), and Love of Virtue (Virtus).

Specific Objectives:
  • To equip students with the skills and competencies in information communications technology, its operation, language and design.
  • To empower would-be information technology/computer science professionals with the latest trends, techniques and developments in the information communications technology to enable them to respond to the needs of society.
  • To provide adequate instruction, training, supplemental lectures, seminar workshops, to give office workers and practitioners within the service areas of UM proper orientation on the use of information technology in their various organizational operations.
  • To prepare would-be information technology/computer science graduates with a solid foundation on the various languages, programs and systems to enable them to perform with confidence the varied tasks that may be expected of them the global organizations of the corporate world.



Dean, College of Computer Science & Engineering


Executive Secretary, College of Engineering