Mission of the Learning Resource Center (LRC)

The mission of LRC is to provide the “ideal standard”  for the learning environment, offering an efficient and more distributed pattern of learning that meets the global standards of quality education; and in fulfillment of the University’s mission to make life for others better, brighter, lighter and more livable.

The LRC is dedicated to providing its students with an educational environment that combines motivating academic study, effective skills training, and sound research procedures.

LRC aims to expand its services to all members of the academic community. Through this, the Center seeks to empower UM students and instill in them the desire to successfully meet and surpass their academic, and personal goals.


To further discuss, the Learning Resource Center is one of key programs of the UMCSSS or University of Manila Comprehensive Student Support System.

The University of Manila Comprehensive Student Support System (UMCSSS) is divided into three aspects:

1.management and governance;
2.Instruction; and
3.student support system.

The goal is to be sure that ALL students succeed in schools. The management of the University gives the highest priority to instruction and a student support system.  The UMCSSS, which is external and internal, has resources linking the institution with other organizations in order to assure the quality of the student experiences both in the classrooms and in the world of work.

LRC as an Alternative Learning System

The primary goal of the Center is to help students improve their academic performance. Many students do not succeed with traditional methods in large groups or with the standard curriculum’s scope, sequence and pace. Some require heavy remedial work, while others need tutorial assistance or a combination of both approaches.

Our one-on-one and group class programs are truly individualized for each student. Each program is structured to produce mastery learning, an outstanding self-confidence booster. In addition, resource handouts are available to assist students with study skills, research papers, and a selection of other academic tasks.

 Programs Offered:


-1 : 1 classes
-1 : 4 classes
-1: 8 classes

+ ESL and Group Conversation Classes

with Audio – Visual Materials