Overview of High School and Elementary Department

The High School and Elementary Department of The University of Manila is considered the oldest unit of this one hundred year old institution of learning, having been opened in the school year 1914-1915. It was started with the purpose of affording an economical opportunity to the youths of Manila and other parts of the Philippines to obtain a thorough education at pre-collegiate levels. It is operated with the cooperation of the College of Education, closely identified with progressive educational trends in the country. The High School and Elementary Department is housed in a modern four-story building reinforced concrete located at the Doña Patricia Building. A spacious lobby at the ground floor may be utilized for playground and recreation purposes. Physical Education classes are held at the new Physical Education Building which construction reflects the University’s vibrance and relevance as an educational institution attuned to the needs of the 21st century. Character development is stressed not only in the classrooms but also in all aspects of the curricular and extra-curricular programs participated in by the students. The Department is aware of the fact that majority of the students enrolled in the Elementary and High School levels are in the most critical period of their lives, that of adolescence. Hence, every opportunity is given the students to improve themselves morally, spiritually, and intellectually. Through a well conducted guidance program, students are encouraged to face the future unafraid.


Principal, Elementary and High School Department

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