UM Seal


The University of Manila, as an institution of higher learning is dedicated in upholding the trilogy of UM Ideals: Patria, Scientia et Virtus. Patria, meaning, “love of fatherland” or “country”, Scientia, implies “knowledge” and “wisdom” and Virtus, means “virtues”. These Ideals are symbolically embodied in The University of Manila seal.

The olive wreath symbolizes honor gained through intellectual endeavor.

An equilateral triangle refers to the symbiotic-relational importance of the three Ideals.

An open-book symbolizes a continuous disposition towards an open-minded, scholastic structure of learning.

The burning torch promotes the conceptualization of an ardent desire to live life to its fullest capacities.

Suffused with the colors, green and white, green means to further embody flesh and innovative approaches in the understanding and search for applicable methods in life. Whereas, “white” expresses purity and nobility of thoughts and actions.

The “Hawk” is the mascot of the University. It has always been associated with the Greek God “Ares”, connoting an unwavering stance toward the achievement of establishing goals.