Philosophy of Education

The University of Manila has the following Philosophy of Education:
“The University of Manila Education is a dynamic process of growth and development that integrates love of country (Patria), Love of Science (Scientia) and Love of Virtue (Virtus) in every learner’s process of becoming the best Filipino citizen; and that every Filipino citizen it forms, may experience enhancement in his quality of life and live it to the fullest.”


The University of Manila envisions a dynamic community that is deeply steeped in the trilogy of UM ideals: love of country, love of science and love of virtue; fully equipped with human, conceptual and technological skills; firmly determined to make life for others, better, brighter, lighter and more livable, by making quality education accessible to all.


ACE—to accomplish something with complete success

A—anchor in the hearts of the youth the love of country, science and virtue
C—create an atmosphere of academic excellence and competence
E—empower the youth with modern scientific technological skills in braving the challenges of the global society


To acquire knowledge, skills, and values for the benefit of mankind.


Institutional Objectives

To give flesh and meaning to its philosophy, vision and mission, The University of Manila pledges to carry out the following institutional objectives:

  1. It aims to concretize in the lives of its administrators, faculty, non-teaching personnel and students, a deep love for country so that they may be sensitive to the needs of their fellowmen and be responsive to the issues of peace, social, justice, freedom and human rights and environmental concerns that affect everyone.
  2. It endeavors to provide a well-integrated quality education where love of science motivates students to undertake research on various disciplines and go through continuing empowerment programs especially on information technology which would enable them to be of more help in improving the quality of life of their people.
  3. It strives to produce graduates whose sense of commitment is fully anchored in love of virtue, an unwavering faith in the providential care of an Infinite God, whose love for man transcends all racial, individual and religious differences; strengthened with genuine moral fibers and fully equipped with human values and principles with which to brave the challenges of this troubled world;
  4. It seeks to form young men and women within the highest ethical standards of leadership and productivity; outstanding professionals in various disciplines who will be ready to selflessly share their persons, their expertise, their gladness their all, in transforming their respective service areas into dynamic human groups, clearly directed towards a desired future and truly capable of addressing the concerns of alternative futures, who will make the impact of their presence felt in all arenas of human life, both in their home country and in the global market, always anchored in the UM tradition of “Patria, Scientia et Virtus”.