Student Experience

The University of Manila aims to provide total development of all the students by recognizing the full potential of the individuals through various student development programs and services. These are being supervised by the Office of the Student Affairs.

Student Development Program

The Student Development Program aims to provide opportunities for student’s active involvement and participation and molding them to become worthy members of the society. It is hoped that they will be transformed to assume their personal and communal responsibilities in their co-curricular tasks in the class organization, in their respective colleges, and in the entire University community.

The students will have to maximize the development and use of their resources in the attempt to build a just humane society. And that the University would have developed and prepared its graduates as good citizen leaders of tomorrow.

Student Activity Program

The Student Activity Program is carried through consultation, as it is designed to directly assist the students and student leaders in the conduct of projects and programs of handling problems of the class and the organization.

Physical Fitness Program

The University gives attention to the physical development of the students. Students develop physical fitness through the Physical Education Program, the intra- and extra-mural athletic activities. As curriculum requirements of the CHED, a student has to take eight (8) units of Physical Education in 4 semesters. Courses offered in P.E. include: gymnastics, folk dance, rhythmic activities, dances and sports and games.

       A. Intramural Athletics Program- The University holds its yearly intramural games: its primary aim is to promote physical fitness sportsmanship, and healthy competition among students.

    B. Varsity Athletics Program- The University’s varsity athletic program aims to train students in their physical endeavors, not only training them but the University also gives athletic scholarships, food allowances and living quarters.

Religious Formation Program

The religious formation program of the student is one of the essential components of the educational objective of the University of Manila. The religious services, activities and facilities provide students with opportunities to develop a closer relationship with God and their fellowmen. The coordinator takes charge of the services and other religious activities.

       A. Weekly Masses- The University offers students an opportunity to attend weekly masses. The mass is celebrated every         Thursday morning at the University chapel.

       B. Community Masses- Students are encouraged to attend the community mass, which is celebrated on every College day of each department and on every important occasions of the University.

Student Services 

Library Services

                The library is considered an integral part of instruction and research; thus, the University has a main library and satellite libraries that provide the printed materials and software needed by the academic community in the teaching-learning process and in research and development.  The library has the OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog).

 Health Services Program

The University provides medical and dental services to meet health needs of students, faculty and school personnel in line with the thrust of the school to have physically fit students and personnel. The University medical and dental clinics are located at the ground floor of the main building. Both are open during weekdays and Saturdays included from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

Guidance Services Program

 The University of Manila Guidance Program aims to assist students to actualize their potentialities. Through the services and enrichment programs it provides, student are able to know themselves better, to develop effective study habits, deal constructively with their feelings, make appropriate decisions on their present and future plans.

         The Office of the Guidance Services offers the following services:

  1. Appraisal – a service designed to assist the student in achieving a better understanding of themselves through the use of psychological tests, questionnaires and aptitude tests, etc.
  2. Information – maintains books in the Central Library and some light reading materials at the Guidance Office related to personality development, guidance, marriage and family, career and leisure. The books and other reading materials are designed to assist the students arrive at decisions affecting their present and future lives. Handouts on relevant issues are also distributed to the students for their guidance.
  3. Counseling – a student going through a lot of stress and difficulty is encouraged to verbalize these experiences with their year-level counselor. This program is also strengthened through its coordination with the different faculty members: as they too aid in the counseling of students.
  4. Career Development and Placement – the assistance given to students in choosing the course suited to their abilities and interest. Career pathing, job-related skills and attitude programs are conducted.


Faculty-Student Consultation Program 

It is the objective of the University to provide students with quality education. Hence, it has created a faculty-student consultation program, which aims primarily to supplement classroom teaching.

The program provides the students an opportunity to consult the professors on academic and even non-academic matters. It presents an effective means by which both faculty and students can discuss matters and clarify topics regarding their academic performance.

Alumni Program

The University organizes the vital involvement of the alumni in the University and in the society. It aims to trace its alumni as to how they are living up to the expectations set forth by the University.

Registrar’s Office

The Registrar’s Office keeps the academic records of the students.  It provides a periodic evaluation of student academic performance in accordance with the requirements of the University and the Commission on Higher Education. The Records 1 and Records 2 assist the Registrar’s Office. 

Security Department

The University of Manila employs security guards that provide the school with 24-hour security. The security guards check all persons going inside the campus. They also provide round-the-clock security for cars parked inside the campus.


Dean, Student Affairs Office


Dean, Student Planning and Activities